1787 Brasher Doubloon with Unique EB on Breast Gold Rush Gallery, Inc.
1787 Brasher Doubloon with Unique EB on Breast Unique, "EB on Breast"
1787 Brasher Doubloon from
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This is a facsimile of a Dahlonega Mint Deposit Receipt and Assay Certificate. Note that over 828 ounces of gold were received from E. W. Holland in deposit number 327 on July 1, 1850. Holland is known to have been president of the Bank of Fulton (Atlanta, GA) in 1863, so he was likely in the banking business as early as 1850. Further evidence that he was a banker is the fact that the deposit was in the form of gold bars and foreign gold. Holland returned to the Dahlonega Mint to pick up his $15,767.50 in Dahlonega gold on July 11. Note the charges assessed for the addition of copper and silver. Also note the signatures of Holland, Assayer Issac L. Todd, and Clerk Henry B. Williams, who signed for the treasurer. Source: Birdsall, Clair M. The United States Branch Mint at Dahlonega, Georgia : Its History and Coinage . Easley, SC: Southern Historical Press, 1984, page 32.

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